Danny’s Tour Dates

Danny Elfman’s Music From the Films of Tim Burton

The Nightmare Before Christmas Live in Concert

Alice in Wonderland Live in Concert

Batman Live in Concert

Violin Concerto ‘Eleven Eleven’

Hollywood in Vienna

Hollywood in Hamburg


39 thoughts on “Danny’s Tour Dates

  1. None of these ever played in my neck of the woods, but I’m glad to see he’s still putting himself out there and making people happy with his music.

  2. So sad and dissappointent you wont be coming to the netherlands. My youngest girl is 14. And favorise everything Tim Burton and Danny Elfman. I tried to cards for bruxelles but it is way to expensive cause we also need a hotel or motel to sleep at. Please, please come to the Netherlands.

    • Hi, please note we are not the offical site representing Mr. Elfman. We just collect and share things with Danny.
      Check our site for news about the concerts, we will update here if anything appears. Maybe there will be a chance for you to go.

  3. As you probably all know by now, Danny did make an appearance on Halloween of last year, doing a live version of Nightmare Before Christmas, with most of the original cast doing the singing. He and Steve Bartek and the orchestra shocked and surprised everyone by doing something he swore he’d never do again, a rousing rendition of “Dead Man’s Party”. I went both nights to the Hollywood Bowl, and I can say with assurance, that the whole place went insane! I pity the poor fools that left early so they could beat traffic. A night (or two) to remember! (Also, I was counting up all the appearances on your list, and I attended six of them. The very first one in London, Halloween at the Nokia in 2013, Halloween at the Nokia in 2014, Honda Center a couple of days later. And lastly, both Hollywood Bowl shows last year, Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. I even got to meet him twice. Details? This post is already quite long. Another time, perhaps.

    • I wish I could see the ‘Dead Man’s Party’ live! Watching this on video made my jaw drop so I can only imagine how amazing it was to be there in person! You have a wonderful collection of memories. And what a great fan you are. I was with Simekk at the London premiere too! And second time in Prague in 2014 (we were lucky enough to meet him there). Feel free to share your stories.

  4. I met him the first time after the Halloween concert for “Danny Elfman’s Music From The Films Of Tim Burton” at the Nokia in 2014. The year before, I had a VIP pass, but they kicked us out afterwards…private party, they said. Sigh…anyway, the next year, we (friends and I) again got VIP passes, and this time were invited to the VIP Lounge after the concert. We were just hanging out with John Mauceri, the orchestra and chorus. I had just had a brief conversation with Danny’s brother Rick, but he and his wife left soon afterwards…not feeling well. Anyway, I had my back to the door, talking to my friends, when something drew my attention to the door. To this day, I’m not sure whether it was a lull in the noise, or an escalation, but I turned around to look, and in came Danny!! After we all picked our jaws off the floor, we went over to him and talked to him for a bit. I was very afraid (my idol, after all), but my friends convinced me to ask him for a photo. He was very gracious and accommodating, and even smiled for the photo. A real smile, not the closed-lip grin he usually does. Stupid flash on my phone didn’t go off, but a friend lightened it up so it was easier to see us. My friends had already had their photos taken with him, but we all left floating on a wave of Elfman love. Best. Halloween. Ever.

  5. Second time I met him was just a few weeks later…at an event called American Youth Symphony (The Elfman Project III). Boy, was I upset when I realized I’d missed out on BOTH Elfman Projects I and II! Anyway, I donated money toward the AYS, and apparently caught the attention of the orchestra director. She befriended me, sat down and talked to me, and finally, was getting up to leave, and asked me…”Would you like to meet Danny?” Oh, hell yes!! She found me afterwards, and took me backstage to meet him. I’m sure he didn’t recognize me, he meets a ton of people, but he couldn’t have been nicer (again), and we chatted for a short time, then I left…another wave of Elfman love floated me home.

  6. I know I’ve been monopolizing the comments, but one more thing…apparently (nothing’s been announced officially) Danny will be doing another show at the Bowl in October. Whoohoo!

  7. I’m friends with Steve Bartek, and another friend saw something on a flyer or a mailer that said it, although, as I said, nothing official yet, and no ticket sales have been announced.

    • Hi Linda,
      Any possibility you’ve heard about the presale tomorrow 9/7/16? I see it there on the ticketmaster website but don’t have the code, nor do I know who is hosting the presale. I’m dying to go since I missed the last 2 years!! Any info is appreciated!! πŸ™‚

  8. Sorry! I just saw this. The presage goes until tomorrow night at 10pm.
    Jackatthebowl & KROQNIGHTMARE will both work for you. (I don’t think the second one needs to be in caps.)
    Good luck!

  9. i have tickets for the 21st in paris for my girlfriend and I’m now concert that Danny him self will not be that is tis the case ?
    Will Danny be playing him self in paris on the 21st of October ?

  10. Hi! Any chance Danny Elfman will be in Norther California or Souther California? I really really really want to see him! Please come to the Bay Area, or anywhere in California…I will drive anywhere in CA to see you Danny! Please come this way, you are loved here πŸ˜€

  11. Just heard that Danny will be doing a thing in Mexico City on Halloween. Anyone have any details? When tickets go on sale, etc.? Thanks.

  12. Well I am really dissapointed about the concert in Paris. Danny Elfman’s music was peformed. But Danny onlt appeared singing Jack Skellington. The rsr of the concert was peformed by John Maucery. It was good, great music and peformance. But I think it should be stated clear that Danny Elfman is NOT the leader of these shows. We gave the concert as a gift to my 16 yr old daughter and she was really upset about this.

    • If you had seen any of the dozens of YouTube videos, you would have seen that Danny only performed a small part of the entire show. I’m sorry you were disappointed, though. He is so charismatic. I’ve seen that show 4 times in person, & once on PBS. In addition, I’ve seen Nightmare Before Christmas Live 5 times, & will see it twice more in NY in December. I hope you have the opportunity to catch one of those shows, because he’s onstage for most of the show. Yoi can find many videos of thst on YouTube, too. Hollywood Bowl, 2015 & 2016. Good hunting!

  13. Been reminiscing tonight and listening to my Oingo Boingo albums. Only A Lad hooked me and in my eyes they were the best new wave band in the land. I never missed a show and wish I could attend another as a 50 year old man.

    I enjoy the movie music he puts out very much but Oingo Boingo will always be the band that I connected with as a teenager. A huge thank you to Danny, my generation was very lucky to see his talent live and unfortunately, I should have savored the last concert a little more.

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