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Bez tytułu

A bit late: before leaving for Prague, Danny Elfman was interviewed by Tim Greiving in his studio in LA. They talked about Danny’s beginnings as a musician, who inspires him, his attitude for criticism and also about the violin concerto. Listen to this interview here.

LA Film Festival

Here are some pictures from LA Film Festival.

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Best Birthday Wishes

Today is Danny’s 64th Birtday! We’re sending him best wishes and hopes. We wish the future will bring more challenging projects and satisfying work. Hope this another year will be as much creative and productive as the previous ones. Let the work bring much joy and lot of motivation for new creations to come. We’re also wishing for enough free time and good balance between personal and professional life. Once again thank you for being a huge inspiration to us and many other fans. All best from Elfman World Team.

Rabbit & Rogue voting

Couple days ago Indi announced that you can take part in choosing which three films from the Rabbit & Rogue competition should win and be presented to Danny Elfman himself. The winner films will have their screening at the LA Film Festival. You have time to May 27th to vote. More details here.
There is also another challenge in which you can win a possibility to ask Danny a question. Everything you have to do is to make a video and submit it to Indi. The winner will be invited to the screening and ask Danny their question while Q&A. The deadline is on June 11th. Go here to take part in the challenge.

source: dailyelfman

The Circle soundtrack

A few days ago Film Music Reporter informed about new detailes of The Circle soundtrack. It is already released and you can buy it on Amazon. Beside 20 tracks composed by Elfman, the album includes also a song recorded by Jónsi.

Here is the track list:

1. Into a Circle
2. Wonderland
3. Happy Little Robots
4. Inner Sanctum51J93yHjqTL._SS500
5. Lonely Kayak
6. Aftermath
7. Upgrade
8. Panic Text
9. Conspiracy
10. Chasing Amy
11. Fog Attack
12. Stolen Kayak
13. Finding Mercer
14. Toilet Talk
15. Intake
16. Ascension
17. Mae Takes Over
18. Simple Gifts (by Jónsi)
19. More Happy Little Robots (Bonus Track)
20. Return to Wonderland (Bonus Track)
21. Happy Love Theme (Bonus Track)