Who: Thalia
Lives in: a place perhaps you’ve seen in your dreams (Europe)
Appreciates Danny’s work since: 2005
How it began: For me it started from interest in movies. I was watching all the Tim Burton films and really loved their scores. After I saw the Nightmare Before Christmas I immediately fell in love with the singing voice of Jack Skellington – and after that I found out that it was in fact the voice of the composer of all that beautiful music I admired. From that point I started exploring more of his film work (after some time Oingo Boingo as well) and so it continues till this day.
Other interest: illustration, digital painting

b1a8582f1df0e7ac0559a3584ae8af00Who: Simekk
Lives in: a kind of mountain town on the border of two countries
Appreciates Danny’s work since: 2012
How it began: One lonely evening while I was searching through YouTube I stumbled upon one of Oingo Boingo songs. It was enough for me to start a long lasting interest in the band. And later when I discovered and began listening to Elfman’s film music there was no turning back.
Other interest: drawing, writing, travel, horrors

Why ElfmanWorld?
Generally, because we’re fans. But we wanted to have a place where people like us could be up to date with info on Danny’s work. Although you can find some places for Elfmaniacs on the web, we thought there isn’t one that focuses on new stuff. And so we decided to make it. We create the site for other fans and to our own joy.

How it works?
Thalia supervises texts and keeps order while Simekk searches for news and guards the site’s e-mail. Usually we work on content together, sharing ideas and poiniting out each other’s mistakes.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask here or via email


8 thoughts on “Team

  1. Not sure where to post this but I wanted to say this is awesome, I didn’t know there was a Danny Elfman blog! He has been my favorite person since 2004. Thanks Simekk and Thalia for all the great work you do!

    • A true long-term fan! You must have a great memories from back then.
      We liked The End of the Tour‘s score too. And we’d love to tell that to Danny, but we can’t, we’re just a fan-site.

  2. I would love to be update on dates/times of any of his US concerts or anything he is doing. Been a fan since 1986 when I hear my first boingo track and instantally fell in love with his music. I truly regret never seeing them LIVE ever. I hope to one day have that opportunity.

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