Time Talks with Elfman and Van Sant

The New York Times’ Time Talks series will feature conversation with Danny Elfman and Gus Van Sant. The talk startson 20th January at 12:30 PM MST.¬† It will be streamed live and recorded for future view on Time Talks website.

More info at Time Talks
Source: The Daily Elfman



The Nightmare Before Christmas concerts at Barclays in NYC are coming soon and new interviews with Elfman are showing up.
spoke with composer about the concerts and his thoughts on performing as Jack vs. touring with a band. When asked about his plans he also mentioned the recording of the violin concerto and working on concert piece for Berlin Philharmony.
Pix 11 in a short conversation asked how Danny relates to a Jack Skellington character and what defines him in his music.

New interviews

Last days were rich in new content with Danny Elfman.
The first was a video for Entertainment Weekly in which Danny talks about the most important titles in his career as a film composer. You can watch it here.
Then, on YouTube we can find a long interview for BUILD Series. Elfman discusses in it his TNBC concerts, his music and more.
There is also another one promoting concerts in NYC recorded in Beetle House in New York City. Just click here.
The last interview is shared by The Hollywood Reporter. The composer speaks in it about the circumstances of his contribution to DC Extended Universe and thoughts about remastering classical themes in movies.