Elfman in Paris

Yesterday on October 21st ,the first of two Danny Elfman’s Music from the Films of Tim Burton concerts in Paris was performed. The concert was held at Palais des Congrès. The Orchestre et Chœur Lamoureux was conducted by John Mauceri. Concert featured performance of violin soloist Sandy Cameron and of course Danny Elfman singing as Jack Skellington.



22637611_1905263413068305_5442901308489072640_n 22709141_371907693231208_4489244588241846272_n 22639085_139932523303547_7468906732849201152_n 22710971_126085611425546_1599195175328940032_n

22638792_1505884222835327_3229350493562077184_n 22710436_1735631056456353_6724137392015409152_n
22710615_2005212343059680_4370669354472177664_n DMui3jFWsAE_xpb


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