Batman Live in Concert in Lucerne

Batman – Live in Concert have premiered yesterday at KKL Luzern Concert Hall in Lucerne, Switzerland. The 21st Century Symphony Orchestra performed score to Batman live to movie projection in two concerts – on May 20th and 21rst. Orchestra was conducted by Ludwig Wicki. Danny Elfman appeared at the world premiere at Luzern Concert Hall.

Danny Elfman with Steve Bartek at the rehearsal

13226924_10154189031069699_6318523391230038765_n 13257128_1741066086106824_257141431_n
with Ludwig Wicki before the concert

13256884_931171836972872_221755991_n 13259100_603623149814632_184435906_n 13268215_10154189032134699_8220912167548090111_o
13227525_10154189032069699_673954305011183147_o 13248433_10154189031414699_2224345865563651600_o


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