Hollywood Bowl 11.01.2015

Second Halloween show at the Hollywood Bowl is over. Another night of live performance of The Nightmare Before Christmas was filled with enthusiasm and joy. Again fans could enjoy Danny’s performance of Dead Man’s Party (with Steve Bartek on guitar and accompanied by the orchestra). This Halloween weekend in Los Angeles was like no before. We’re sure it will be a special memory for all who could be at the concerts.

Take a look at some photos from the last night and be sure to watch our YouTube playlist.

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One thought on “Hollywood Bowl 11.01.2015

  1. I was there both nights. Unforgettable! The first night, Halloween (which I’ve spent with Danny for the past three years), when the tribal drummers walked out onstage after the encores, we all looked at one another and wondered, what was next? Then Danny walked out in his black t-shirt, wearing his guitar, and it was absolute pandemonium from then on! Steve was invited out, and they started to play…OMG. if the Hollywood Bowl had had a roof, it would have blown clean off! We were so shocked, the ushers had to finally kick us out. We were just SO pumped. We ended up driving around Hollywood (no choice really, half the streets were closed on Halloween night), blasting “Dead Man’s Party” (Alive version) out of my car windows. More than once. 🙂 Great night!

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