Lincoln Center Shows – July 12

The final show at the Lincoln Center is over.  Yesterday’s concert finished a week of amazing performances of Danny Elfman’s Music from the Films of Tim Burton in New York.

July 12

11247675_290942474409591_115587195_n 11417435_1643029629242018_1049597228_n 11243524_114252905582573_841357829_n 11417282_930771510298932_331193819_n
11421848_1469255113388163_504238216_n 11417265_1462180214101898_402282602_n 11356862_893736774051772_2009827840_n 11325297_1605085136425172_603191418_n
11427456_891172194295794_387704794_n 11419190_725700590873836_1389734637_n 10899179_1652549074966395_807075506_n
11353120_868329219869564_990829959_n 11386500_886490281441558_205385037_n 11385587_1433721813621728_2002803684_n
11417298_1017392964961026_327872795_n11352289_1445046592470786_1326717175_n 10005416_871623046264188_1142320023_n


2 thoughts on “Lincoln Center Shows – July 12

    • We are unofficial fansite. We only know as much as we can find in the web. For now we don’t have any information of the show coming to LA.

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